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Virtual Physical Therapy, Online Physical Therapy, Home Physical Therapy, Pain Reduction, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Hip pain, fitness at home, online fitness
  • What to wear?
    Please wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move it. You will be asked to possible reach overhead, bend, squat, get on/off the floor and stretch.
  • What to equipment is needed?
    Open space, a chair and a mat if you have one available. If not, do not worry we can work with what is available. Computer, tablet or phone for teleconference. You will want to be able to have you hand-free to move. Ability to see and interact with the phone and computer. It is best to use a phone stand or prop a computer up on a table, counter or table
  • What payment methods are accepted
    We are currently accepting payments through Venmo and Zelle. Please contact if you are needing other arrangements.
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