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Sarah Parker, triathlete

I worked with Dr. Craft multiple times in the clinic before she started her online clinic.  It was no different in treatment but I did feel that virtual was more one-on-one because of the privacy and comfort it allowed. She is knowledgeable and her expertise is unmatched; she truly cares about her patients. 

Barbara Hernandez, Mother

“Dr. Craft is fantastic! She was great with my oldest son. He was having trouble with his throwing shoulder. She assessed him quickly and provided immediate relief through very simple things. She also taught him a proper warm-up and cool down. We have her on speed dail and got a package since I have more than one child in sports. We will always work with her. 

Steve Scott, weekend warrior

I have done multiple sessions with Dr. Kristin. I learn so much each session. I have had chronic pain for years. She has helped me to keep it away or quickly address it before it get out of control again. She is focused, attentive, caring and listens to me. I have been able to continue my softball and running solely because what she has done for me. 

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